About Us

Parrot Haven is located in Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia,Canada.

I am committed to building a website that is both informative and entertaining for parrot owners in both Atlantic Canada and beyond. It has been my experience, that knowledge is everything when sharing our lives with these most fascinating creatures.

My hope is that this site will become a conduit to information regarding our feathered freinds. I hope to compile a comprehensive list of links to parrot related information currently available on the web, as well as create pages here at Parrot Haven that will be helpful to parrot owners and breeders alike.

We have recently started boarding parrots for those in the region that require the service. We have a new home built on two acres of wooded land. If the demand is great enough, I will consider developing a portion of the house exclusively for boarding purposes. For the time being, the birds that we are caring for cohabitate with ourselves and our birds. I am currently developing the boarding page on this website.